Handcycling and Racing

Handcycling at MaCabe Park 

Wednesdays 5pm

Saturdays 8am

Contact Troy Weise

NWC Sport Director for  more information


The Bingo Barn Is Open!

The Bingo Barn in Guthrie Kentucky is open Saturday and Sunday .  Go out and support the National Wheelcats at the Bingo Barn 

Upcoming Tournaments & Events


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Celebrating over 60 years of providing sport activities for Individuals with physical disabilities

​National Wheelcats will be hosting an adaptive kayaking trip for individuals with disabilities on September 16th. Group size is limited to 5 individuals so please respond only if you are certain you can make it. All equipment will be provided.

A shuttle service will be provided from launch to take out point. Location will be either the Duck River or Buffalo River. We are still finalizing the details but wanted to get the announcement out so you could make plans to attend.

Contact Mike Schmitz for more details at 615-207-2695.



Practice Mondays at Adams Tennis Center  in 

Murfreesboro  6-9pm

The National Wheelcats, Inc.