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All funding requests must be mailed to

Kelly Skelton-Weise at

479 Potts Rd.

Wartrace, TN 37183

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2022 Music CIty Classic 

June 24-26

Centennial Sportsplex

​Nashville, TN 

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​​​​​2021 NWC Give Back Program   

Tennis Guidelines  

Tennis is an individual sport and is part of the NWC “Give Back” program. 

With individual sponsorship, each athlete is eligible for 2500.00$ of funding to participate in tennis tournaments, clinics or camps in the Unites States and Canada.   Tournaments/ camps/ clinics must be reputable and within reason of travel and funding.  Food and beverage expenses will not be reimbursed. 

As part of the Give Back program each athlete will need to volunteer 8 hours of time to the NWC tennis program. 
Two hours MUST be at one of the four winter tennis clinics.  Other opportunities will include conducting kids and beginner clinics, serving meals at the MCC, helping at the tournament desk, exhibition matches, and attending other NWC events.  The director will email the link for you to sign up for dates and times .  Six  hours of your “give back” service must be completed by July 1, 2020. 

All funding will be by reimbursement.  Athletes will need to complete the individual sponsorship application (one tournament per application and no more than 45 days in advance) found on the NWC website and submit to the tennis sport director, Kelly Weise.  IF reimbursement is an issue, you may contact Kelly to discuss the options. 

Once athletes get approval of the sponsorship request, athletes are responsible for making their own accommodations. If plans change and YOU DO NOT attend the tournament, please let Kelly know asap. 

Original receipts from sponsored events must be received within 2 weeks after the conclusion of the event.  If original receipts are not received, future request will not be approved.

Scans or Photos of receipts will not be accepted. (original receipts only) 

The sport director will mail you a form to complete to attach receipts and mail back in for reimbursement if you request is approved.   You should receive this before the event starts. 

The NWC have the right to revoke sponsorship of any athlete that shows inappropriate behavior at practice, clinics or during sponsored travel. Any player that is under the influence of drugs or alcohol at NWC events could lose sponsorship. 

 All sponsored athletes are expected to play in the Music City Classic in June and to help with donated supplies and auction items. 

Funding for athletes that participate in multiple NWC individual sports will be at the discretion of the board.  The total 2500$ may not be available per sport. There will be limited funds for athletes that participate in various NWC sports.   

All NWC general  guidelines apply for any sponsored athlete.



With only one exception (2 bounces), wheelchair tennis is played with the same rules as abled body tennis.  the nwc sponsors competition in usta and itf sanctioned events.