Celebrating over 60 years of providing sport activities for Individuals with physical disabilities

2013 Softball Team Guidelines

To be considered for sponsorship a player must participate in 75% of team practices and clinics. (See tournaments and travel line for specifics)

All players will be responsible for assisting in clinics, practice and exhibitions.

Equipment will not be purchased for individuals on the team.  If you are a new player and are in
need of equipment, please talk with the coach and sport director to discuss your options for equipment.

Team uniforms should be worn to all games.

Tournaments, Travel, and Code of Conduct

All players must attend practice on a regular basis. The following guidelines will be strictly adhered to:

--  Any player missing more than 25% of practices in the two months prior to a tournament will not play in the first half of the games for the tournament.

--  Any player missing more than 50% of the practices in the two months prior to a tournament will not travel for the tournament. If a flight has already been purchased, the athlete may attend this tournament, but will not be allowed to attend the following tournament.

--  Extenuating circumstances must be presented in a timely manner to the coach and sport director.

Only the tournaments on the schedule will be sponsored by the National Wheelcats.

Travel arrangements will be made by the sport director.  Please let the coach and SD know your plans
for each tournament as soon as possible.  

Transportation for tournaments will furnished from designated departure area, players needing transportation must get to the departure area on their own.  No transportation will be provided to practice. 

Athletes are expected to represent the National Wheelcats in a positive manner.  Forfeits and no shows to games will not be tolerated and future travel may not be granted.  Illegal activity is not allowed on any National Wheelcats sponsored travel.

All receipts (when applicable) MUST be turned in to Sports Director.  If receipts are not received within a 2 Week period after travel, then the athletes will not be reimbursed for that event. 

Athletes will be held accountable financially for flights and hotel rooms that they miss or trips they may cancel unless there is a reasonable explanation presented to the NWC Board. If the athlete is determined to be liable, this must be paid before any future travel is granted.

Athletes must attend practice on time and be ready to practice. 

Treat your teammates, coaches, and volunteers with kindness and respect. 

--  Any athlete making a negative remark towards a teammate will be dealt with by the coach and / or the sport director. 

--  Any athlete that is disrespectful to a coach, volunteer or NWC representative will be dealt with accordingly by the NWC board.

All players will be on the field, ready to play 30 minutes before the start of a game. Any player in violation of this rule will miss the first 2 innings of the game they are late for (10 minutes).

Personal Vehicles -  If any player chooses to travel on their own to a tournament, no reimbursement for gas will be provided. Exceptions to this will be at the discretion of the coach and sport director and will be based solely on the needs of the team.

In instances where a van is not used, reimbursement will be provided for gas, provided the athlete turn in receipts to the sport director within a 2 week time period. All gas receipts must be dated during the tournament time period. Unless cleared with the coach and sports director, reimbursement will be paid as follows:
   i.      3 athletes – 100%
   ii.     2 athletes – 66%
   iii.    1 athlete – 33