Celebrating over 60 years of providing sport activities for Individuals with physical disabilities

sLed Hockey Guidelines  


Adult and Jr Sled Preds Hockey Team Guidelines  REVISED 8-1-18

  • To be considered for travel a player must participate in 75% of team practices, barring extenuating circumstances or missing practice because other NWC events prevents the player from meeting this requirement.
  • Adult and Junior players will be asked to support and attend local clinics.
  • Weekly practices are held at Centennial SportsPlex.
  • Practice begins in late August/early September and run through the Disabled Hockey Festival in April.
  • Players are expected to arrive at 30 minutes prior to the beginning of practice so that we SPEND THE ENTIRE HOUR ON THE ICE, not getting in our sleds and equipment
  • Adult players are responsible for creating a safe and encouraging atmosphere at practice since our Adult team shares ice time with our Jr team.
  • Sleds, sticks, and uniforms will be provided for our players, but remain the property of the National Wheelcats, Inc. Some donated equipment is available for new players, but remains the property of the National Wheelcats, Inc.  

Give Back Requirements



  • Adult players – 3 Give Back sessions (minimum 1 hour each). 2 sessions must be completed before December 31. Notify the Sport Director after each session. Opportunities include

a.       Working with 1st year and/or Junior players during Stick & Puck sessions

b.      Working with 1st year and/or Junior players at Breakaway Hockey & Fitness

c.       Volunteering during other NWC tournaments and/or sporting events

d.      Assisting 1st year and/or Junior players set up their equipment

e.       Working with the Knoxville Sled Bears or other new programs

f.        Other pre-approved (by the Sport Director) efforts to Give Back to disabled sports.     

Tournaments and Travel

  • The Adult and Junior teams will participate in 4-6 tournaments each for the season, culminating in the Disabled Hockey Festival
  • The National Wheelcats will pay travel expenses for one parent or approved chaperon, if necessary, who accompany Junior players. Travel for Adult players is also paid by the National Wheelcats.  Please see #5 on the General guidelines about teammates not rooming with other teammates.
  • All players or parents are responsible for submitting gas and other receipts to the Sport Director, Troy Weise. ORIGINAL Receipts must be post marked within two weeks of the sponsored event for reimbursement. Receipts must be mailed to Troy Weise at 479 Potts Rd. Wartrace TN, 37183. Dates on the receipts must correspond with dates of the sponsored event.
  • Photocopies, pictures of receipts will no longer be accepted.  Original receipts only.
  • Fuel reimbursement will be for actual amount of receipt only within 2 weeks after the event.
  • Flight travel and hotel arrangements will be made by the Sport Director unless you are not rooming with another teammate.  See #5 general guidelines
  •  Athletes are expected to represent the National Wheelcats in a positive and mature manner.  Missing tournament games, without a justifiable illness, will not be tolerated and future travel may not be granted.
  • Illegal activity is not allowed on any NWC sponsored travel.
  • Athletes will be held accountable financially for flights that they miss, change or trips they may cancel unless there is a reasonable explanation presented to the National Wheelcats, Inc. Board.
  • Treat your teammates, coaches, sport directors and volunteers with respect.  Disrespect or detrimental behavior to others will not be tolerated and will be handled accordingly by the Coach, Sport Director and/or Board of Directors.

Any interested individuals should contact Troy Weise, Sled Preds Sport Director,          at troyhweise@live.com.