Celebrating over 60 years of providing sport activities for Individuals with physical disabilities

Racing Guidelines


I acknowledge that I am representing the National Wheelcats (NWC) when participating in sponsored events and will conduct myself in a professional manner.  Failure to comply may result in suspension of participation in events and funding request.

Athletes are expected to wear the NWC logo whenever participating in a sponsored event.  Athletes will need to submit any media coverage events to the Director whenever possible (i.e. newspaper articles, tv coverage) to help promote the NWC organization.

Athletes will respect other sponsored athletes as well as other members of the organization and will not engage in disrespectful or discriminatory behavior.

Athletes agree to attend any meetings regarding upcoming National Wheelcats events, practices etc.

Any communication between athletes and NWC Board will be done through the sport director.

Funds can be requested for entry and travel reimbursement only.  Any request for equipment will be on a “loan” only and the NWC retain ownership of requested equipment and must be returned upon request.  Athletes are financially responsible for any damaged/ lost/ stolen equipment.

Requests for funds must be received at least 30 days in prior to the event.  Please use the individual sponsorship form located on the NWC website to complete and get to the sport director.

Funds will not be received in advance, but will be reimbursed.  Mileage reimbursement is at a rate of $.22 per mile for one passenger cars and $.44 per mile for 2 passengers per car. 

Receipts must be turned in to the sport director within 2 weeks of the sponsored event.  Funding may be suspended if receipts are not turned in a timely manner to the sport director.

I (print name) __________________________  agree to the above terms as part of my participation in the National Wheelcats organization.


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