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​​Thank you for your interest in the National Wheelcats, Inc. Please read, complete and return the form to the appropriate sport director by email, mail or fax.

All completed request forms will be considered for sponsorship.All requested funds will be allotted based on availability and at the discretion of the Officers.

Please read the NWC general guidelines for information concerning sponsorship.

Team requests will take priority over Individual requests.

NO international request will be honored for teams.

Entry fee for each participant will be considered before funds for travel expenses, accommodations, etc.

Applications must be submitted to the National Wheelcats organization sport director a minimum of 30 days prior to the event.

Request form must be complete and turned into the appropriate sport director for consideration.

Athletes not following the proper route for sponsorship request will not be considered.All applications will be voted on and are subject to consideration equally by the National Wheelcats Board according to criteria stated on this application and in sport guidelines.

​There will be a maximum limit of $2,000 for each participant in individual sports (rowing, racing, fishing, golf, shooting, water skiing, snow skiing, etc.) for each calendar year beginning in January and ending in December. Additionally, athletes can allocate no more than 1000$ per approved evetn. Funds cannot be carried over from year to year. All sport guidelines must be met to qualify for sponsorship.

​                             Individual Sport Sponsorship Request

 Name: ___________________________
Address: Street ____________________________________________________
City _________________________  State ____ Zip code __________
Phone Number: (___)___________Email address: _______________________

Event Name and Contact Person: _______________________________________________
City _________________________  State ____ Zip code __________
Date of Event: ____________
When is the deadline for registration for this event? ______________

Are you receiving sponsorship from any other organizations?
If so, who?_______________________________________________
​How much? $____________________

What will amount requested be used toward? Please be specific using the items below.
Entry or registration fee: $___________
Will you be traveling with another NWC sponsored athlete? ____
If so, who? ___________________________________________

Travel expense:
Fuel Reimbursement:
ONE sponsored person per car: Total miles to and from event ____ x $.22  = $ _______
TWO sponsored persons per car: Total miles to and from event ____ x $.44  = $ _______
Hotel or lodging: $_______ (per night) x _____ (# of nights) = $_____________
(total hotel costs)

Other expense(s): $___________  
Brief description of Other expense:

TOTAL AMOUNT REQUESTED: $ ______________

If the National Wheelcats Board approves your funding request, do you agree to provide the following:

• All relevant receipts (anything listed above) of services paid for by the National Wheelcats within 2 weeks
• Copy of the event entry form

Sport Director signature: ____________________________ Date:____________
(Sport Directors are listed on the website)
​Athlete Signature:_________________________________  Date:____________