Celebrating over 60 years of providing sport activities for Individuals with physical disabilities

General Guidelines for ALL NWC Sponsored Athletes and volunteers.  


Each sport has specific guidelines in addition to the general NWC Guidelines that must be followed to receive sponsorship.   
1.  Sport Directors are the line of communication to the Board and Officers.  Any business that pertains to a sport must go to the appropriate sport director first and they will present the information to the board.

2.  Any persons sponsored by the National Wheelcats are encouraged to assist or volunteer in other NWC sponsored events when available.

3.  Receipts that show funding paid for by the NWC must be turn in to the appropriate sport director within 2 weeks upon return of  the event. IF receipts are not received, then funding will be suspended for upcoming events.

4.  All receipts must have a date and the date MUST correspond with the dates of the sponsored event. 

5.  All athletes that are sponsored by the National Wheelcats must have information on file with the office.  This information includes: name as it appears on the drivers license, address, phone number, birth date, disability, email (if possible) and who to contact in case of an emergency and their contact information.

6.  As representatives of the NWC, all athletes are expected to act accordingly. Misconduct can be viewed as detrimental to the NWC and the Board can suspend funding for athletes that do not conduct themselves

7.  The spending amount for individual sports will be reviewed yearly.  Funds cannot be carried over from year to year.  Athletes that participate in multiple individual sports will be reviewed on a case by case basis for funding.  The NWC Board reserves the right to suspend funding to any sport or individual if financial concerns arise within the organization.

8.  Any equipment bought by the NWC must be listed as inventory and tagged for identification. Equipment is for loan to individuals that are sponsored by the NWC and a loan equipment contract must be completed for
all equipment that is loaned out to a specific person.

9.  Sport directors are responsible for getting in receipts, rosters, schedules, budget request to the board. Each sport has a predetermined date for receiving documentation.

10.  No athlete will receive funds for traveling or lodging that is for practice events or general travel related to flights etc.

11.  Illegal activity is not allowed on any National Wheelcats sponsored travel.

12.  The National Wheelcats, Incorporated is a 503 (c)3  organization. Use of the National Wheelcats name, logo, and status by any individual is prohibited. All requests using the NWC name and status must be
approved by the NWC Officers and Board Members.

13.  The National Wheelcats, Inc require any non profit entity that wishes to promote their organization (banners, materials, promotional items, etc ) at a NWC hosted or sponsored event  must receive written permission and approval of the NWC Officers.  Contact a NWC Officer for information.

​​14.  All NWC programs should have give back program in place by the end of 2018.

​15.   Negative discord towards ANY National Wheelcat programs, players, coaches, directors, board members by any sponsored NWC individual will not be tolerated.   Each case will be dealt with by the sport director and NWC Board.