Celebrating over 60 years of providing sport activities for Individuals with physical disabilities

2013 Fishing Guidelines


National Wheelcats will pay for the Entry fee for Fishing Tournament.


National Wheelcats will pay for Hotel stay for fishing tournament. (Try to buddy up with another NW Sponsored Fisherman to save money)


Gas in boat reimbursement for Tournament days only (rules listed in PVA “Disabled anglers will be required to pay half the fuel and oil charges for the boat on Team Competition day and all fuel and oil charges for the boat on Open Competition day”) (reimbursement for gas in the boat for tournament days is set at $50. (We need some type of receipt that money was given to your boat Capitan this can be a hand written receipt that this person received this money.)


Millage is reimbursement for travel to tournament regardless if you tow your boat or not are reimbursed at .45¢ per mile if you are taking another NW sponsored Athlete .22¢ per mile if you are driving alone.

All receipts must be turned in in a timely manner to your Sport Director (timely manner within 1 or 2 weeks after the fishing tournament sponsored event is over) Also all receipts must be turned in prior to asking for additional sponsorship for future fishing trips. Receipt include: gas receipts, Hotel Receipts, Entry fee receipts, etc. 


All persons sponsored by National Wheelcats are expected to support NW events when available and hold themselves in a respectful manor while being sponsored by NW at PVA Fishing Tournaments.

The address for fishing tournament Director is 2011 Bethel Lane, Ashland City TN 37015.

It is the responsibility of the participant to contact their Sport Director to inform them that they have mailed in the receipts to the Sport Director.

National Wheelcats will reimburse you once you have turned your receipts into the Sport Director.

National Wheelcats is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization that sponsors athletes with disabilities to participate in many different sporting opportunities. Out of respect for the Volunteers who help run this organization please be responsible for your own actions and respect this great organization.