Donation Request  


** This form is to be completed to request a monetary donation for events that are hosted by not for profit groups other than the National Wheelcats, Inc.  


Thank you for your interest in the National Wheelcats, Inc.   Please read, complete and return the form below to the appropriate sport director by email, mail or fax.



** For a list of Sport Directors and their email addresses are click About Us on the website


All donations will be considered and  allotted based on availability. All donations are at the discretion of the National Wheelcats “NWC” Officers.


Donations may not be used for “prize money”.  We encourage the participation of wheelchair athletes in sporting events and prefer donated money be used for housing, travel and


Interested “event” host MUST provide the NWC with the following information to be considered for receiving a donation:


** completed donation form with the following items attached:

            * 501 (c) 3 documentation

                        *event literature (entry form from previous or current year’s event)

                        *brief description of how donation will be used to benefit wheelchair                                                                        athletes



Name and location of  the Event:___________________________________________________________


Brief description of the event and how wheelchair athletes will be involved: _____________________________


Date(s) of the event :_________________________  


Name of the group hosting the event:____________________________________________


** documentation of 501 (c) 3 is required


Representatives name requesting funds (person directly involved with event host organization): 



Representative Phone Number: (____)_________________

If approved:

Check payable to: ________________________________

Attn: ___________________________________________

Address: Street: __________________________________

City: ___________________  State: ____   Zip Code: __________

Email address:___________________________________


What is the representatives role with the listed event? _____________________________________


How many athletes will be participating in this event?          Number of able bodied: ____

​                                                                                            Number of wheelchair athletes: ____


TOTAL Donation Amount Requested: $_________________


The amount requested will be used in what way?  Please be specific.




If the National Wheelcats Board approves your donation request, do you agree to provide the following within 3 weeks after the conclusion of the event?


*names and hometown of all wheelchair athletes who participated in the event

*evidence of the NWC logo on event flyers, newspapers, entry forms etc…

*appropriate receipts of hotel and entry fee paid for by the National Wheelcats, Inc.


Sport Director signature:______________________________________Date:__________________

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