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Appeal and/or Complaint  


​** This form can be filled out by a sponsored athlete to appeal a decision made by the sport director.

** This form can be filled out by a coach and/or sport director to have documentation of an event that may arise later for appeal or complaint.  

​Athlete name: _____________________________________________________

Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________


Phone number: ____________________________________________________

Sport Director: _____________________________________________________

Sport: _____________________________________________________________

On the back of this paper, please describe the situation and ruling in question.  Please include dates, places, people involved and the reason for the appeal or complaint.

NWC Guidelines (general and sport) are binding. Please be aware that sport directors are only volunteers that are ask to uphold the guidelines to the best of their abilities.  The NWC Board has the final and binding decisions to all matters involving sponsored athletes, coaches, and sport directors.  Funding and sponsorship can be withheld up to one full year.

By signing below, I affirm that my account of the incident is to the best of knowledge and /or recollection.

Signature: ____________________________________   date: _______________

Please mail the following document to:
National Wheelcats, Inc.
7087 Russellville Rd.
Guthrie,  KY  42234