Sport Directors 

PRESIDENT, Mark Singer

TREASURER, Vena McCormack

SECRETARY, Kelly Skelton-Weise

​MEMBER, John Davis​​

​MEMBER, Leah Davis

Our History

The National Wheelcats Inc. were originally formed in November 1957 with several people interested in playing wheelchair basketball as the Nashville Handicappers. We worked with the Handicapper's Inc., a non-profit organization established for the purpose of aiding the handicapped of all ages and disabilities. Our first meetings were held in various gyms until we could obtain a regular place to practice.

At that time no one had any wheelchair basketball experience. The nucleus of the team consisted of William "H" McCormack, his brother Doug McCormack, John Boone, Jr. Marvin Pugh, Doc Wallace, and Louis Winn. We began to recruit by reaching out to spinal cord injuries, disabled veterans, polio patients, M.S. patients, and amputees. We were fortunate to recruit a young student who had worked with the Chattanooga Big Wheels as the coach for the team. He attended the National Wheelchair Basketball Tournament in 1958 and came back with a lot of new ideas.

By the beginning of the 1958-59 season we had added eleven new players and the team name became the Nashville Wheelcats. We joined the Southern Conference playing in Miami, Tampa,  St. Petersburg,  Atlanta, and Chattanooga. 

In 1970 H McCormack, who had served as the Team Representative, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Chief Fund Raiser for the organization decided to add track and field activities. In 1980 tennis was added and soon after fishing, rugby and golf became a part of the program. In 1985 because we were sponsoring or partially funding several individuals or teams from around the United States, the name of the organization was officially changed to the National Wheelcats, Inc.

​In the 1990's the Paralympics became a part of the Olympics. As wheelchair sports have grown so has the National Wheelcats Inc. Events are held world wide and athletes are supported and encouraged to participate in events across the USA. Many National Wheelcats athletes have gone on to be champions, but more importantly the Wheelcats have made it possible for  over 1000 athletes with disabilities to dream, accomplish personal goals, and become viable, hard working members in their communities.  

Celebrating over 60 years of providing sport activities for Individuals with physical disabilities